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Collaborating to Create Markets and Solve Problems: How innovators are working with customers to build clean technologies.


Celine Bak of Analytica Advisors will provide an overview of the Cleantech industry and landscape in Canada and identify some of the the keys to commercial success for Canadian Cleantech innovators.

One of the keys to commercial success for any cleantech company is having confidence that there will be a market for your product. One way to enhance market readiness for cleantech solutions is to work directly with customers to understand their "pain points" or challenges that are in need of solutions. Customers can work directly with individual solutions providers or make their challenges known to a wider pool of potential suppliers through a process of strategic sourcing that matches challenges with solutions. Two pairs of panelists (innovator+customer) will present their case studies of how they're successfully working together to develop and commercialize clean technologies.


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President and CEO, Analytica Advisors

Céline Bak is the President and CEO of Analytica Advisors. In 2007 she recognized that innovation-based industries were poorly represented through existing primary economic research and concluded that this lack of evidence distorted the whole lifecycle of innovation-based companies, from incubation and capital raising to securing domestic reference customers and participating in global value chains. To change this, she has authored and published four annual evidence-based national reports that have catalyzed the growth of Canada's emerging energy and water technology industry. Her research has changed the investment and policy landscape, and has formed the basis of hundreds of millions of dollars in catalytic public program investment. She is engaged in consultancy projects addressing finance, innovation and trade across Canada and around the world.

Céline has had an international career, first as a Principal of A.T. Kearney, a global management consulting firm, and later as an operating executive in two high growth Canadian technology companies, Solect Technology group and Bridgewater Systems, both of which were acquired by Amdocs (DOX). Her current leadership roles include her position as Chair of the Clean Technology Private Sector Advisory Board for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development. She is a member of the Asia Development Bank Low Carbon Technology Steering Committee to build innovative finance vehicles for broad adoption of low carbon technologies. She also sits on the board of Green Centre Canada and serves on the Core Evaluation Team for Genome Canada's Genomic Applications Partnership Program.

Céline has been recognized as a Clean16 honoree for her contribution to developing capital markets for sustainability in Canada, as well as by Nature Canada as one of Canada's Women of Nature.







Jim Schubert resized

Director Business Planning and Central Operations
Waste Management Services, City of Edmonton

Jim is a Chemical Engineer with over 25 years experience in the solid waste field and has specialized in the waste combustion area.  He has been working on the City’s gasification project since it’s inception in 2002 as a feasibility study (which looked at the Gasification/Waste to Energy options for the residual waste streams).  Mr. Schubert is the City’s project manager for the planned new Waste to Biofuels facility and integrated processing and transfer facility at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre.  The waste processing system will produce a refuse derived fuel which will be sent over to the new gasification facility for treatment.  The overall processing, transfer and gasification facility will nicely compliment the City’s existing large scale material recovery and composting facilities.  An additional Advanced Energy Research Facility has been built which houses a pilot gasification system to do research work on a variety of waste feedstocks and gas-to-liquid fuel products.










Tim Cesarek resized

Senior Vice President 
Business Development,


Tim Cesarek joined Enerkem's management team as Senior Vice President, Business Development, in March 2012. He has acquired over 25 years of experience in business development, private equity and corporate venture capital.

Mr. Cesarek was most recently Managing Director of the Organic Growth Group at Waste Management, where he was responsible for finding synergistic growth opportunities in optimizing value from waste material, particularly through its conversion into biofuels, renewable chemicals, and energy. Prior to joining Waste Management, Mr. Cesarek was president of the corporate venture group of Koch Industries, one of the largest private companies in North America with businesses across chemicals, fuels, polymers, wood resin products and consumer products. Mr. Cesarek has also served on a number of boards of directors. He has directly invested in and managed more than $750 million in private debt and equity investments across various industries.

Mr. Cesarek obtained a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and a Masters in Business from Pepperdine University.







CEO, Inventys Inc.

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Lowering the world’s greenhouse gas emissions is not an easy task, but with the right minds in the right place, it can be done.

Held in Edmonton, Alta., the Zero 2014 Conference will address the goal of lowering our carbon impact by bringing together policy and clean-technology leaders from around the world. This three day conference will also feature presentations from the Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation Grand Challenge Round 1 Finalists.

CCEMC: A Global Responsibility


Join us today by viewing our livestream at 1:30pm.


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